Anastasia Rose, Innocent Little White Girl Violated By Black Monster


Anastasia Rose, Innocent Little White Girl Violated By Black Monster


Anastasia Rose, Innocent Little White Girl Violated By Black Monster – 0:48


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Rimming is the practice of pleasing someone’s anus/rectum orally by using the lips or tongue. ‘Rimming’ is the act of stimulating one’s ass in such a manner, hence the name. The term is also used to describe a typical ‘suck-up’ or ‘brown-nosed’ person.

Ass-eating became a buzzword in 2014. Rimming can also be seen as a way of showing affection and pleasure, without the need for penetrative sex. It can be a way of enjoying someone’s body and can be seen as an act of intimacy. Therefore, rimming can be a sensual and intimate experience and a great way to show affection to a partner. Rimming is like a culinary delicacy, offering an interesting and unique flavor that can be a pleasurable and intimate experience. It is a way of exploring and enjoying one another’s bodies and is a delicious way to show affection and appreciation. It’s like taking a bite out of your partner’s apple pie- except it’s a lot tastier! Someone somewhere announced that they enjoy getting their butthole licked and the damn thing broken. All of us know that nothing beats the sensation of a tongue on the rectum, whether it’s a friend, a co-worker, or a little brother. This was news to me since I am largely clueless. Mostly in a joking manner, I had heard of rim jobs. There was a slight similarity to Dirty Sanchez or something. Unfortunately, no. No, it seems. It’s still fair to assume that if the majority of people admit that they have licked the passageway for shit, then it can’t be THAT wild.

Although anal sex may seem to be slipping into normality, a pygophilia fetish may seem scary to some. You might be scared if you hear these two words together.


People with pygophilia fetishes are sexually aroused by another person’s buttocks. Pygophiles enjoy kissing, licking, or caressing butts. In addition, it is not gender-specific.


The beauty of a round, beautiful behind often attracts people solely. Many pygophiles will go as far as anal sex, but their main attraction is the curves on the outside.

You should enjoy your sex, feel good, and take care of your partner and yourself. Don’t do anal sex if it makes you feel weird. In addition to anal sex, pygophilia sufferers can do a lot of other things with their partners.


A spanking, a slap, or a tickle can be used on your partner’s behind. There may be something about it that you enjoy the most. You can get your special one some sexy underwear to wear for you if that is the case. It would be great to get a butt massage after a hard day at work as well! Try something new after you’ve caressed the area you’re interested in. If feet tickle your fancy, request a footjob. In no time at all, that can spice things up.


It may lead to both of you discovering new fun activities to enjoy if you are honest about your fetishes. You shouldn’t feel ashamed of anything. As a pygophile, you don’t necessarily have to be fond of anal sex. Don’t be afraid to stay within your comfort zone as long as you need to. Take the time to investigate further.

From: Leia Solo
Date: August 23, 2018