Asiri Stone amateur kittiesauce playing on live


Asiri Stone amateur kittiesauce playing on live webcam –

Asiri Stone amateur kittiesauce playing on live webcam –


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– 14 min

Welcome to our archive series on Asiri Stone, formerly known as Kittiesauce, and currently known as Asiri Ocean.

For our complete catalog on your favorite blue-haired, big-bosomed goth model, please go to her category page here:

In this video installment, she’s once again naked, meaning that she’s collected a sizable number of tips over the course of a few hours, and is getting ready to close out the show for the night. As you can see, she loves to dance a lot in her shows. That’s one of her trademarks, along with a lot of breast grabbing, listening to 70’s and 80’s music,  and talking about geeky stuff that one would not necessarily associate with a girl so beautiful. At 3 minutes and 53 seconds, she puts her feet into the camera. She knows a few guys out there have major foot fetishes, so she’s doing a little bit of everything for her ever-growing faithful audience.

Now, she does have some rules. You don’t get to make any requests or talk dirty to her, unless you accompany it with the appropriate tip amount. She has been known to block viewers and kick them out of her chat room whenever they violate her rules. If you ever decide to chat with her in a live show, beware of this!


Asiri Stone amateur kittiesauce playing on live webcam
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Not all strippers represent comfy dancing fully naked. If viewed as a continuum, fewer dancers would move topless than go-go and fewer yet could dance fully naked. It has been reported when in primary competition with more moderate offers, fully nude formats are seen by clients as the quality enough replacement for them to shift clubs. In countries where option in formats exist, exotic dancers express fear that the more they pay at their process (nudity included) the more they put to gain. However, strippers have been known to move but in topless clubs because of their tendency not to strip entirely naked. Some clubs allow both nude theater dance and fully naked lap dances. Where nude individual dances are allowed with contact, some dancers decide to put some sort of barrier (material or occasionally plastic) at the consumer’s lap as the preventative measure.

From: Leia Solo
Date: April 19, 2018