Asiri Stone kittiesauce

Asiri Stone kittiesauce

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Asiri Stone kittiesauce – 36 min

One of our most popular videos featuring Asiri Stone kittiesauce. For more videos featuring the awesome-est big tits in the world, click here.

In this 36-minute clip from Asiri’s early days as Kittiesauce, she dances and wiggles her hips for the camera, really showing off those incredibly huge titters of hers, and that awesome shaved pussy. Her skin is pale white, which contrasts beautifully with her almost angelically blue hair. While she’s shaking her booty and bouncing her boobies, she’s chatting with her fans, in her incredibly charming space-geek nerd girl style. The webmaster here seriously hopes Asiri’s into women, because Leia’s definitely into the idea of taking Asiri as her plus-one! 😉

Her breasts are incredibly firm and pert. They’re so firm, that she can’t even move them to lick her nipples. Guys, if you ever find a girl with tits like these, hold on to her for dear life, and enjoy them while you can, because they don’t last forever!

About 3 minutes and 50 seconds in, she disappears offscreen for a few minutes, then she comes back with a couple of glass dildos. She asks her viewer which one she should use, stopping to massage those massive mammaries and shake that ample bottom, mid-chat. She collects a few more online tips, chats a little more, masturbates her pussy, and finally settles on the long, striped wand with the enlarged head. She starts rubbing her clit with the glass wand, and starts running it up and down her pussy, getting it wet with her juices. After stopping to adjust her pillows, she continues the show,  and finally inserts the wand into her wanton vagina. While she’s dildo-fucking herself, the tips start flowing in, even more, adding to her excitement.


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