Cassieopia-She Titfucked him and He Shot His Load on Her Breasts

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Cassieopia-She Titfucked him and He Shot His Load on Her Breasts

Cassieopia-She Titfucked him and He Shot His Load on Her Breasts

Cassieopia Titfuck – 4:45


“Oh, girl, ” she said, scrunching up her face in the confusing mixture of joy and annoyance. She closed her eyes and her hands hit upwards, catching in his non-existent breasts. “ oh girl, oh yeah, oh Cassie0pia, yes! ” She started to cry, bucking under him immediately like the fish out of water. He fastened his limbs to prevent being thrown off, and strangely started to think the erection gone on, even though he was in no position to take it. Cassie0pia rode into higher gear, and her voice called through the tiny room, the flat area, out of the window and onto the neighborhood. “ Oh yes Cassie0pia, yes yes yes! I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum, I’m-gonnaaaa! ” She cried and arched her back for one last moment, keeping her partner suspended for a surprisingly long moment before slowly settling down to put on her side. The large mess of come shot into her mouth. It surfaced this side of her throat and slipped down her gullet.

She knew she wanted to consume all his weight. There was no choice she would risk getting through the remainder of her day with come stains on her dresses. She winced as she clamped down and concentrated on getting it all, her opening muscles running heavily. But the harder she went, it appeared that more he got. “ I… I… want to find you out, ” dancer told. She cared how she saw. Her pantyhose had the tear at the crotch, streams passed down them. Her clothes were disheveled, and her hair seemed the lot. She drew the mirror from her table and glanced in her reflection. The little stream of come trickled down the line of her cheek.

Two weeks after she was at his flat where she undressed and demonstrated him every portion of her structure. Her boobs were larger than he had found earlier and she got to take him as to how to manage them. But her clit was immediately common as she stood close to the bed with one leg raised onto the bottom to give way for his language to make its way into her.

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