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In what context did the phrase “kissing cousins” originate, and how did that tradition come to be?

It’s a tough one. People don’t seem to understand what “kissing cousins” means. There seem to be a lot of people who think you have more than a family relationship with someone you’re related to. It’s like having a cousin to do “extracurricular” stuff with.

In Webster’s Dictionary, a person is simply someone you know well enough to kiss when you meet in a formal way. In other words. You can see your cousins. Kiss quickly and say what’s up! This is no different from hugging a family member and saying I love you. Webster’s definition of a person implies that you have a close relationship with them. When you’re close enough to someone that you can kiss them in a formal setting, it’s a sign of a special bond. Kissing or hugging a family member is a sign of that same bond, just expressed in a different way.

It’s long been known that incest isn’t as bad as you think. It’s like prohibition laws and blue laws. They’re a result of a Christian conservative movement that swept Western Civilization from the late 18th century to the early 19th century.

You shouldn’t marry, or just have sex with, your sibling. You should think about it. That’s not a good idea. Marriage between cousins? I guess it depends. It’s possible your cousin is kinda cute. But don’t forget, you might end up with double the in-laws!

However, anthropologists have long known about … and have two very different theories about marriages involving cousins. Right now, let’s just say that cousin marriage is beneficial … for coalition building, power management, and inclusive fitness … for ascending (older, in charge) generations, even if it’s not necessarily ideal for the younger ones. The pattern we see might explain this: prescribed cousin marriage happens in many fields, but the extent to which it happens seems to be correlated with patriarchy levels. It seems like the more power older male power brokers have, the more people stick with cousin marriages. It’s easier to break rules when there’s less power. It’s like an inverse correlation: the more power the power brokers have, the more people are constrained and have to conform, but the less power they have, the more people have the freedom to break the rules. Sex between cousins is not only socially sanctioned in some societies but is also a form of marriage that is encouraged in order to keep wealth and power within family groups.

Forbidden laws are foreboding. Make a law that says certain things shouldn’t happen, and people might get scared of the results. Cousin marriage laws from the last half of the 19th century have led to the general understanding that cousins have double heads. Science has known for decades that the increased rate of revealing hidden recessive mutations in cousin marriages is small. Having a baby is about the same as being over 35. On the other hand, cousin marriage laws can also have positive effects. For example, they can help to preserve family traditions and relationships. In addition, they can provide financial and social benefits to families who participate in them.


From: Leia Solo
Date: March 29, 2019