Samantha 38G-Voluptuous Chubby Blonde Fucks Big Dick Latino

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Samantha 38G-Voluptuous Chubby Blonde Fucks Big Dick Latino

Samantha 38G-Voluptuous Chubby Blonde Fucks Big Dick Latino


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“ I believe the ideal penis length/size is 7 inches. These 8 inches are sort of great too. Those 9 inches are a bit too much…for me. Anything over 9″ is too big for me and I couldn’t always touch the 13-inch cock part of me. Ow. With the 5-inch, it is ok, but it all bets on how guys manage their cocks! 🙂 Anything below 5 inches is total to me…and useless. ” “ I once got the man who was 8.5. It pained like trouble. I was angry for the period. I never needed to make love again. Large things are good to see, but don’ ’t contact me with the feeling lol. I believe 6 inches is only good you will do all positions and go it all night long. Keep me off from this monsters—they hurt. ”

Porn worships and fetishizes large dicks, but does the size of the penis really do you good or worse at bed? Each penis size has something original to give. Some people want to go loved by the big dick, others like fat dicks or thin dicks, or they might want the little figure that absolutely hits their pleasure point. Males are notoriously terrible in describing their own size. The report by the Kinsey association in 1989 discovered that “ All of those studies who initially claimed the erect penis size of ten inches or more worked out on re-estimation to have a considerably smaller cock length ”, With one player claiming to take an eleven inch penis representing 6.5 inches in experience. This one survey found that 30% of American males got the wrong thought about how far the median penis is, with the number considering it to be eight to twelve inches long (which is fucking huge and extremely uncommon) .

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